2020 Vision “Who I Am” Day Camp

Have you ever roped a calf? Hit the bullseye with an ax? Waved to a horse from a 100 foot water slide?

Come get crazy with us at Glory Reins! From a redneck rodeo to roasting marshmallows over the fire, we will have a full day of fun, good food, and using God’s word to answer big questions and find identity and purpose for life.

Day camp for youth-  Sign-up by July 26 https://gloryreinsstables.org/2020Vision.html

  • Target Population

*Teen ages (12-17) Teens who have faced trauma as well as kids who need to be prepared for the storms of life that inevitably come.

  • Project Goals

“Who I Am”:  Is it only what they see in the mirror, or the unkind words of friends, teachers, coaches and family?   Or is there something deeper that gives the ultimate purpose to their life.

Session #1 allows the question to be asked, “Who Am I”.  Most of our teens have a poor self-image, probably similar to our speaker, Brandon Fowler’s, story as he struggled with this question.

Session #2, led by Lorraine Whoberry, will love the kids with the answer of “Who I Am” as she shares the devastation she experienced after her daughter was murdered and her other daughter was raped and left for dead.  Her story of struggle, ultimate forgiveness and God’s grace will never be forgotten and will impact the teens deeply.

Session #3, Pastor Dave will challenge the kids with “Who I Am Not”, (Jacob and Esau) giving the kids an opportunity to burn the twisted opinion they had of themselves in our bonfire.

Teachable Moments:  Sheli Morcom – Using the stories of the rescued Glory Reins horses to teach that our past does not need to define our future.  We will deal with the issues of  suicide, self-hurt, abuse and fear. Discussions of why bad things happen when you’ve done your best to do right. And is there hope for me or is it too late?

Fun:  Between sessions, crazy games and competitions will be held in the riding arena.  A huge water slide down our hill will be a highlight to the day.  It is our desire that 2020 Vision be one of the most fun days of their summer.  Laughter is healing to a hurting heart.

Unity:  To create a bond between the mentor’s and the students that will last beyond the Day Camp.  To create an atmosphere where no one is an outsider and all know that they are important and loved.

Counselors are on hand to provide support for teens.

For more information about Glory Reins Stables visit https://gloryreinsstables.org/index.html