Out4Life will host a symposium Thursday, Oct. 11, 8:30-12:00, in recognition of October being Domestic Violence Month; This social crisis is as pervasive today as ever.

Every minute, 20 people in America are victims of intimate partner violence. If that pace continues, there will be almost 900,000 victims in October – and every month after that.

Along with the individual trauma, the resulting family disruption is also a national crisis; domestic violence incidents cost $8.3 billion per year and are the third leading cause of homelessness.

Children are especially impacted; every year, one-in-15 American children are witness to or victims of domestic violence – which ultimately leads to a repeating cycle. As the saying goes, hurt people hurt people; these childhood victims are far more likely to become the next generation’s offenders. Over 70% of the current prison and jail populations come from households that experienced domestic abuse.

Out4Life’s Symposium addresses these issues and ultimately seeks answers to Break the Cycle of Domestic Abuse.

Speakers/Panelists will include:

Ernestine McRae, LBSW, BA

Manager of Resources and Community Partnerships



Anita Posey


BWARE – Battered Women’s Awareness Reaching Everyone Inc.


Lorraine Whoberry (Victim/Offender Advocate)

Founder/Executive Director

The Stacie Foundation


Lakisha Goodman, MS

CPS Supervisor

Oakland County DHHS CSA


Anitra Harris

Domestic Violence Program

The Detroit Reentry Center


Carlos Windom, MA, LLPC


Grace Counseling Center


Krystal Jones

Human Trafficking Victim Advocate

Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan