January 29, 1999, in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Yorkshire, Virginia; my two teenage daughters, Stacie age 16 and her sister, Kristie age 14, were brutally attacked in our home.

Stacie Lynn Reed

Stacie Reed

Stacie fought desperately to fight off her attacker. She lost the battle and was murdered. Kristie upon arriving home two hours later was met at her own back door by the murderer. Unsuspecting, she entered her home and upon finding her sister, was forced to the basement. She was brutally attacked and left for dead.


Kristie's Recovery

Kristie’s Recovery

Stacie in an ROTC Parade. Her dream was to become the first female Navy Seal.

Stacie in an ROTC Parade,. Her dream was to become the first female Navy Seal.

This is our journey:

Upon receiving this heart wrenching news, Lorraine was thrown into an instant state of shock. Stacie had been murdered and Kristie’s life hung by a thread. Together, stumbling blindly through each second of the day, a week later they found themselves at Stacie’s graveside trying to find the words to say goodbye.

Kristie and Lorraine struggled with survivors guilt and the depression wreaked havoc. For seven excruciating years Lorraine grieved the loss of Stacie’s murder and Kristie’s attempted murder and sexual assault, while shrouded in darkness. The attacker pierced countless hearts that fateful day.       

Lorraine started the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation in 2001 as an Impact Speaker seeking answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask. The journey she has traveled has brought peace and healing from unique places, where she found forgiveness.

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