Hello Mrs. Lorraine, Thanks for putting a smile on my face by wishing me a Happy Birthday. I feel blessed and honored to have met you, and will add your family to my prayers. I am writing because I was touched by how eloquently you told the story of your tragedy, triumphs and personal struggles of your daughters. I believe God lead me to the gym that day so I could hear your story and to always remember the pain the family feels after being victimized by senseless crimes in our society. I want you to know I was encouraged by the things you spoke about, in particularly us being able to forgive ourselves. Ms. Lorraine I applaud the work you are able to do. Please continue traveling around the country and sharing your story with those of us who have caused the senseless crimes to families like yours, whose families hearts are full of pain. Know that upon me being arrested  in 1993 for federal drug charges and a year later for murder charges, I began to ask God to change the person I had become. I prayed and worked hard to change my way of thinking and asked God to take me under His wings. I have surrendered myself to God, like you said and have repented for all my wrong doings I have done to those who was victimized by my behavior and crimes. Upon my incarceration I immediately begin to educate myself. I received my GED in 1995 and have recently enrolled with the University of Urbanna and have made the dean’s list. Something I never knew was possible until I applied myself.  Mrs. Lorraine, keep telling your story to those who are in prison, because we need to hear how tragedy has impacted the families of our victims. I asked God to forgive me of my crimes and I have forgiven myself for becoming someone other than what God intended  me to become. I will continue to educate myself and pray for people like you to enter into my life, because your story has changed my life forever. Thank you Mrs. Lorraine D’Juan 5.8.16  
Offender D'Juan's Endorsement

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