Hi Dear Friend,   I begin reading your book. I want you to know how thankful I am our lives crossed paths. Even before finishing your book,  how much of an honor it is to know you.   After reading chapter 1 I knew this was going to be tough. But I had no idea just how tough.   The courage you and Kristie have to turn something so indefensible and indescribable into something so powerful, is the most courageous act a person can do.   I think about heaven often. I think about all the promises and people we will see again and meet.   I finally put down the book and began to cry. I feel so honored that one day, I hope to meet Stacie too.   As I lay out here under the sky crying like a 2-year old baby I just wanted to tell you that you’re making a difference. Kristie is making a difference and Stacie is still leaving her imprint on this world.   Amber  
Amber A.

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