It is my pleasure to endorse the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation and its founder, Lorraine Reed Whoberry. As a result of personal tragedy and as one who has endured the horrific consequences of criminal victimization to her family, Ms. Reed Whoberry has become a tireless and dedicated advocate for victims of crime, survivors, and even law enforcement personnel. Ms. Reed Whoberry has spoken publicly about her experiences and has been a vociferous advocate for greater attention to crime victims, the impact of crime, and tougher laws and strong prosecution. She has educated the law enforcement community through the personal lens of her own experiences. Additionally, she has been a guest speaker at university classes to provide insight to students in criminal justice and forensic science programs. Ms. Reed Whoberry’s determination to carry on her daughter’s legacy and transform her tragedy into a journey of hope and reform for others is commendable. She serves as an exemplary model of inspiration that will effectively – through the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation – enable others who are in the throes of desperation to realize that they, too, can be survivors and move forward with their lives. Karen Bune Adjunct Professor, Maymount University, George Mason University Alexandria Police Department – 703.472.5811
Karen Bune

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