Dear Ms. Whoberry, Ever since you came to LOCI (London Correctional Institute) to share your story with us, I have been wanting to write to tell you how much I appreciated you sharing your story with us. I needed to hear your testimony. You showed me it was OK to forgive. Because of the hate, pain and shame that I felt towards myself, the hatred was so strong I could not look in the mirror because I could not look at the person that was looking back at me. Because of the choice I made to do drugs my mom lost her life. I took my moms life. I was so high on crack cocaine I do not even remember doing it. The woman who gave me life and I miss her every day. So as you can see, I was not open to forgiving myself. My family forgave me years ago. They never stopped loving me. Over the years, my family has asked me to let go of the pain and forgive myself. I have always been willing to try to forgive myself, but I could not fully commit. By forgiving myself, I felt like I was hurting  my mom and my family all over again. I just could not do that to them again. After hearing your testimony, something happened. I knew it was time for me to embrace forgiveness. That’s what happened that day in the gym. I asked for forgiveness. Ms. Whoberry, I am not sure I would have been able to take that step towards forgiveness, had I not heard your story.  One more thing, I almost did not show up to hear your story. It was meant to be. Thank you for helping me to be able to let all that hurt, pain and shame go. Thank you, Jeffrey 5.19.16
Offender Jeffrey's Endorsement

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