Lorraine Reed Whoberry is the Executive Director of the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation and was inspired after the brutal attack on her daughters in 1999, which took the life of Stacie (for whom the foundation is named) and her younger daughter Kristie, who survived the attack.

Lorraine’s book: Heal My Wounds, Leave My Scars, tells in detail the journey Lorraine and Kristie walked to finding hope and healing amid the hopelessness. Her story is riveting, honest, sometimes raw and completely transparent as to the obstacles and barriers they overcame to survive such a heinous crime bestowed upon their family. 

Their journey is far from over. Lorraine fought through adversity and overcame countless obstacles, and hurdles most of us cannot imagine. Through perseverance and her desire to heal from the stigmas of trauma, she shares her personal journey as an impact speaker and speaks wherever she’s invited. Churches, conferences, prisons and other venues and events.

To order your copy click here: https://staciefoundation.org/product/heal-my-wounds-leave-my-scars/

If you’d like to learn more about Lorraine’s journey, schedule her to speak at your next event or order her book: Heal My Wounds, Leave My Scars.