Board Members

Lorraine Whoberry

Founder / Executive Director
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Lorraine Reed Whoberry, a wife, mom, grandmother, and newly published author is the founder and executive director of the S.T.A.C.I.E Foundation.

The S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation was inspired by Lorraine in 2001, who survived a brutal attack on her daughters in 1999, which took the life of Stacie (for whom the foundation is named) and her younger daughter Kristie, who survived the attack.

Lorraine finds hope and healing by reaching out to other who’ve been a victim and traumatized, to show you can find healing when your ready to open your heart to all God has for you. She chose to overcome the aftermath of the offender’s decimation by focusing on the positive attributes and making positive differences in her community and across the Nation. As an impact speaker, she discusses topics that include accountability, consequences, hope and forgiveness from a victim’s perspective. She teaches on forgiveness at a level that few of us can even comprehend.

Lorraine’s book: Heal My Wounds, Leave My Scars was published May 2018 and tells in detail the journey that Lorraine and Kristie walked to finding hope and healing. Her story is riveting, honest, sometimes raw and completely transparent as the obstacles and barriers they overcame to survive such a heinous crime on their family. It took Lorraine seventeen years to write her book. Their journey is far from over and Lorraine will speak wherever she’s invited. Churches, conferences, and other venues and events to share her testimony. To order your copy click here:

Heal My Wounds;Leave My Scars is recently nominated for the prestigious “Henri Award” at The 2018 Christian Literary Awards in the Grief and Terminal Illness category by Joy & Company. The Christian Literary Awards is a premier event honoring authors in the categories of: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Testimonial, Children’s Books, Illustrator, Youth/Young Adult, Christian Living, Inspirational, Motivational, Poetry, Grief and Terminal Illness, Sports & Fitness, Bible Study and Devotional.  A confidential group of judges consisting of professionals and avid readers will determine award winners.

In 2010, shortly after Paul Powell was executed by the State of Virginia, Lorraine knew the Lord was calling her to share her testimony of forgiveness in the Ohio Prisons to offenders incarcerated. At first, she was non-compliant and repeatedly told the Lord no! She refused to be obedient. The Lord knew the blessings this would bring to Lorraine and Kristie as well as the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation, but more so to those incarcerated. After months of being obstinate, she finally relented when the Lord reminded her of a promise she made to him. “I will go wherever you send me, as long as I know You are always there.” She complied and is now invited to speak in prisons across the Nation, sharing her testimony and talking about her book. She couldn’t imagine her life any other way. Her hope is to have Heal My Wounds, Leave My Scars in every prison library across the United States. Thanks to a very special Lady’s Group from Hartwell, GA, every Georgia prison library will have Lorraine’s book.

Lorraine is currently working on a re-entry curriculum called “Who I Am”. This is a 12 week facilitated Christian based curriculum geared to helping those incarcerated see that God hasn’t forgotten them and He has a plan for their lives. The twelve week journey focuses on healing and discovering how God sees them as and discovering or rediscovering their spiritual gifts.

Lorraine serves on the Ohio Interstate Compact Juveniles State Council since 2013. Lorraine received training as a National Community Crisis Response Team Member through the Ohio Victim Witness Association in partnership with the Attorney General’s Office and serves as a volunteer on the Ohio Crisis Response Team. Lorraine became a volunteer Victim Awareness Facilitator with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections in 2011. Lorraine serves as a volunteer Victim Offender Dialogue Facilitator with the Ohio Office of Victim Services since 2012. Lorraine is a member of the Tri-State Trauma Network organization.

“The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” Matthew 7:25


Richard Whoberry

Board Director
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Richard is a follower of Christ Jesus, a devoted husband to Lorraine and her #1 supporter. He is the father of two beautiful daughters, stepdad to Kristie, and a grandfather. His has a passion for prison ministry and often shares his testimony of 20+ years of sobriety. He spends his spare time restoring classic, vintage and antique cars. Richard has served on the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation board of directors, since October 2007.

Darie Adams

Board Director
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Darie Adams is a Family Financial Advocate BCMH at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Darie has served on the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation board of directors, since 2009.

Paula Bussard

Board of Director
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Paula Bussard is no stranger to helping people find solutions to their challenges. With degrees in psychology, counseling, communications and education, Paula has worked for more than thirty years in companies, ministries, and para-church organizations to encourage the broken hearted and help those trapped by challenges to become free and fulfilled.

Currently, Paula co-pastors New Hope Ministries with husband Larry is a proud mother of two grown children, Christa and Jonathan, and delights in her grandchildren, Nathan and Lauren.

For info on New Hope Ministries, visit, The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center and for Neighborhoods Embracing Transformation,

Paula was elected to the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation board of directors, July 2016.

Cara Barth

Board Advisor
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Cara Barth, CLC-Strategist-Business Owner and STACIE Foundation Advisor:

Cara supports the STACIE Foundation in its Vision: to “Strive To Achieve Compassion,Intervention & Education” and Mission: to “Promote healing and offer hope to survivors of violent crime” through her vast life and professional experiences.  Cara acquired her Life Coaching Certification through “Coach Training Alliance”, approved by the International Coaching Federation and now specializes in “Transitional Grief Patterning” in her business, ReDok’ Transformation Center . Cara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and worked as a Child Life Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 13+ yrs. designing and implementing many of the educational programs still being used to serve children at CCHMC today. Cara also graduated from the “Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati”.  Cara’s vast career base includes owning two businesses, working for a local police department, a leadership role for a local non-profit, a banking Compliance Officer for 7 years as well as being a dynamic writer, speaker and workshop presenter.  From business ownership, corporate to non-profit, Cara brings a passion to serve and has a heart for people in all stages of the healing journey.



Janet Turck

Board of Director
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Janet Turck has been in the Financial and Real Estate Title profession for 30 years.  She is God’s first, wife and mother 2nd.  She has 2 children which she delights in.  Janet loves to read, essential oils, and crafts of any sort.  She was born in Ohio and raised in Florida, then drawn back to Ohio which put her on the path to prison ministry.   She wants to be a voice for people that are unable to have one.

Joanne Westwood

Board of Director
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Joanne Westwood is a Digital Marketing professional with a heart for God. She first heard of the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation through a friend and is privileged to have the opportunity to help expand the audience for the Foundation. To help more victims know we have resources, to help donors recognize the value of what we can do with their donations, to help more organizations know that Lorraine is available for speaking engagements. What a joy to know that her skills can help build a larger audience for the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation and Lorraine Whoberry.

Ryan Schrand

Board of Director
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Ryan is a father to 4 kids, one teenage boy, one 2 year old boy and twins: a boy and girl that are one year old. He’s married to wonderful wife, Hollie.  Ryan enjoys coaching sports for youth and middle school, football, basketball and baseball.  Ryan has a small horse farm and enjoys training his horses and dogs.

Ryan is the Chief of Police of North College Hill and has served the past three years. Ryan was a police officer since he was 21 years old.  He’s a true idealist and has dedicated his life and career an an officer in service to others.

Ryan served as a K-9 officer for 6 years, Swat Team for 4 years, and has been awarded numerous medals of merit, valor and life saving awards over the course of his career to date.

Jessica Howard

Board of Director
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Jessica grew up in the small town of Alexandria, Kentucky. She graduated Bishop Brossart High School in the northern Kentucky area and Eastern Kentucky University where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Jessica’s sport of choice in school was soccer. After graduating she developed her career through various public relations and sales roles in the retail and insurance industries. Jessica’s personal life experiences developed into a strong passion for helping women escape and heal from domestic violence and the consequences of that type of relationship. She volunteers her time with organizations that bring hope to those incarcerated. Jessica is excited about working with women in the prison system as a part of the Stacie Foundation and passing on a message of hope and healing to many hurting women inside. Jessica attends a local Crossroads community church in Cincinnati and volunteers for the church and partners with an organization called 4/7, a prison ministry focusing on rehabilitation and spreading the grace and love of God to others. Jessica notes, “I’m so blessed by what Christ has done in my life and live everyday excited to see what else He has in store.