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Our Vision: Strive To Achieve Compassion, Intervention, & Education.

Our Mission: To promote healing and offer hope to survivors of violent crime.

Together we can!!

If you are a survivor of a devastating trauma, please know you don’t have to fight this battle alone. We are here to walk alongside you, every step of the way, to help you through the dark and grievous journey that may seem hopeless. Remember there is always hope, when we reach out for it.  Don’t ever quit, or give up, or give in, no matter how difficult the suffering becomes. Take your life back. Believe me when I say, you can persevere and together we can accomplish victory to find healing .

Lorraine Reed Whoberry, an author, wife, mom, grandmother, is the founder and executive director of the S.T.A.C.I.E Foundation. Lorraine found purpose and inspiration for the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation, who survived a brutal attack on her daughters in 1999, which took the life of Stacie (for whom the foundation is named) and her younger daughter Kristie, who survived the attack.

The loss Lorraine suffered due to losing Stacie and the brutal attack on Kristie took her through a journey of grief that almost devoured her. Lorraine understands the hidden anguish of devastation crime victims suffer. The agony that the offender caused was severely heartbreaking, emotional, agonizing, demoralizing, discouraging, and sometimes humiliating.

Lorraine fought through adversity and overcame countless obstacles, and hurdles most of us cannot imagine. Through perseverance and her desire to heal from the stigmas of trauma, she shares her personal journey as an impact speaker.

Lorraine finds hope and healing by reaching out to other victims. She chose to overcome the aftermath of the offender’s decimation by focusing on the positive attributes and making positive differences in her community and across the Nation. As an impact speaker, she discusses topics that include accountability, consequences, hope and forgiveness from a victim’s perspective. She teaches on forgiveness at a level that few of us can even comprehend.

After nine years of being dealt a life sentence, Lorraine found freedom from the bondage of unforgiveness, by learning to forgive herself and ultimately the offender.

For every choice there is a consequence, whether positive or negative. We have the power to choose. And we have the power to heal. When we give into defeat we give power to darkness. Forgiveness is a process. It’s also a choice. Unforgiveness is bondage. Forgiveness is Freedom. Together we can demolish this epidemic in our society when we make the choice to forgive.

As a victim advocate, Lorraine, at the request of the Hamilton County Prosecutors Office, assisted Sam De Bois’ family, a victim in the University of Cincinnati Campus Police shooting, as well as a court advocate to other families in crisis. Lorraine serves as committee member for Department of Ohio Youth Services, Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ) State Council.

Lorraine and her family were instrumental in the changes in Virginia House Bill 913, revision of the Virginia Code £ 19.2-11.4 “Establishment of victim offender mediation program” and amended the language to allow face to face mediation with offender and victim(s) in Capital murder cases when both parties agree. Although this was implemented too late for Lorraine and her family to take part in, she prays it will benefit other families walking a similar journey.

Other successful amendments to Prince William County Law Enforcement and adopted by other Law Enforcement Agencies include: death notifications, now made in person by a team of Officers partnered with Chaplains; Victim(s)/Witnesses notified by Prosecuting Attorney’s office regarding all motions, hearings, trial dates, and/or offender transports; Victim(s)/Witness kept apprised of case and all court appearances by the defendant; Prosecuting Attorney’s office prepares the victim(s)/witness of testimony, agenda or changes prior to court proceedings/trials.

Lorraine serves as a Victim Impact Speaker and Victim Offender Dialogue Facilitator for the Ohio Department of Corrections and speaks Nationwide sharing her journey.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoner, and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free” Luke 4:18 NIV

Throughout the years, Lorraine and Kristie’s story has gained international recognition. Lorraine has been the featured Keynote Speaker in several venues across the country with National Organization Victims Assistance, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Christian Women Alive and multiple Christian Women’s conferences. Lorraine and Kristie have been featured on national and local television programs such as America’s Most Wanted, The Montel Williams Show, I Survived, Discovery Health, INFOCUS and most recently Security Brief with Paul Vollis.

Lorraine has been interviewed by several radio talk show hosts, including Frank Pastore of The Frank Pastore Show, Cherie O’Malley and Barbara Follis of Words to Live By through RBC Ministries, WLW 700 AM Radio of Cincinnati by Bill Cunningham and WYLL 1160 AM of Chicago by Dion Welton. Lorraine and Kristie have also been interviewed by several print publications such as CHAT Magazine, Christian Voice Magazine, That’s Life, and Today’s Christian Woman. Lorraine is a contributing author for Women 2 Women, The Naomi and Ruth Experience Bible Study, by DR Ministries.

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