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By God’s divine grace…

Forgiven Ministry; Scottie and Jack Barnes… It was a cold winter day in January when we left the grave of my father. I remember saying, “If God could ever use the story of his life, I would share it wherever He wanted it told. Ten years later, I was invited to visit our local prison unit. I shared my Dad’s story and was amazed how God chose to use it for His glory. I saw inmates weep and identify with the words I spoke. I saw the Holy Spirit of God begin to soften those hardened hearts. When our local unit closed, I prayed, “Lord, help me find my place in your work.” Immediately, God opened doors for me to share my testimony in prisons, churches and children’s homes.”

Scottie grew up with an absent father who was incarcerated in prison. Mr. Pennell was a kingpin in the mafia.  Scottie was an only child and the daughter of an inmate. Her childhood was vague of memories of her father, except the brief times her mother would take her to visit her father in prison.

Forgiven Ministry’s Mission: Bringing the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness to those behind bars.Our mission is to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the children of inmates, the inmates themselves, ex-inmates and inmates’ families, with the result of healing wounds inflicted by crime, redirecting lives, and restoring these individuals into the community as productive citizens, parents and family members. The Holy Spirit is ever-present behind those iron bars. Reconciliation, love and forgiveness are major factors and beautifully orchestrated when the inmates children enter a prison for a One Day with God Camp with their incarcerated parent. Behind the cold steel razor wire and iron bars there’s a party going on and you hear praise and worship music, while games are being played, and lives are being changed, forever. The laughter of the fathers or mothers echoes in the hearts of the children and their parent long after the party is over. The memory s will never fade. Forgiven Ministry https://forgivenministry.org/about/our-mission/ This is a multi-segment story, so tune into to STACIE and Friends Radio Show every Wednesday at 2 PM EST, or visit us at http://graceandtruthradio.world/shows/stacie-and-friends/ to catch previously aired shows.

Etta Caver –  from victim to advocate…
Etta didn’t know about violence when she was growing up, but the unexpected murder of her mother began a tragic life journey through two different domestic violence relationships.  When she tried to leave, she ended up in the hospital, and kept going back as the violence escalated. “Nobody gave me sound advice or information on how to be safe,” she said, and she soon ran out of hospitals because she wouldn’t go back to one a second time.” Etta had taken her last beating.Just to be sure though, she had her 11-year-old son snap a photograph of her pummeled face. It was the only picture she ever allowed of herself. The image wasn’t for evidence against her abusing boyfriend. It was a reminder never to go back, never to allow this to happen again. Not by anyone. “There are a lot of people who don’t understand the dynamics of domestic violence. They don’t understand why you just don’t leave,” she said. “But that is the most dangerous time for a victim. They’re so vulnerable.” Knowing what she does now, her sister Kimberly said she cannot imagine the strength it takes to admit what happened and share it with others. Etta advocates for those suffering in silence in domestic relationships. You can reach Etta through the STACIE Foundation at info@staciefoundation.org. This is a multi-segment story, so tune into to STACIE and Friends Radio Show every Wednesday at 2 PM EST, or visit us at http://graceandtruthradio.world/shows/stacie-and-friends/ to catch previously aired shows.

Hope Reins, is home to rescue horses nestled in the woods of beautiful Raleigh, NC set on a 33 acre ranch. This ranch is no ordinary ranch.  Hope Reins has served more than 2000 kids in crisis since 2010. It’s a place where pain, fear, hopelessness and doubt all dissolve away because Kim Tschirret, founder and CEO had a vision. Then came along an abused and neglected horse, named Joey. A blind horse that helped others to see. Joey, a book by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, put Hope Reins on the map across the United States. This story will melt your heart, so grab several boxes of tissues. I had the pleasure of visiting Hope Reins this past summer and meeting Kim and her incredible staff and volunteer team. Hope Reins interview will completely suck you in as Kim, her staff and volunteer members as well as families share incredible success stories of Hope and Healing when kids in crisis meet rescue horses. This is a multi-segment story, so tune into to STACIE and Friends Radio Show every Wednesday at 2 PM EST, or visit us at http://graceandtruthradio.world/shows/stacie-and-friends/ to catch previously aired shows.

William and Ebralie Mwizera survived the Rwanda Genocide with their four children. Randy Hartley producer of the movie “Beautifully Broken” that tell’s the story of a Refuge’s Escape, a Prisoners Promise, and a Daughter’s Painful Secret the Mwizera’s story that God gracefully orchestrated and eventually brings William’s, Randy’s and a young girl through Compassion International in Africa named Umahoza.  This movie is based on the true story whose lives become entangled due to the Rwanda Genocide.  5 Part Series

Jessica Howard  – How Christ met her right where she was, in the midst of a five year prison sentence. 3 Part Series

Patty Mason, author and speaker, Finally Free. Patty suffered from severe depression until God set her free. 2 Part Series

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