The disciples had been with Christ on a daily basis, learning from His examples how to reach out with compassion to those in need. But instead of faith, they often displayed selfishness, and a lack of love. Like all human beings, they were full of flaws, phobias, and fears. How could they have been left in charge of disseminating the Gospel? And yet, they were God’s plan A. Daily Wisdom Feb 17, 2015.

Several years ago I made a promise to the Lord… I will go where you send me, as long as I know You are there. He always keeps His promise. My promise to Him came after realizing the calling the Lord has for me. And it has been fulfilling beyond measure.

Have I always kept my promise to Him? No. There have been times when I’ve chosen different paths thinking that was where the Lord was leading me. Hence, I choose to walk the different paths.  Yet, He walks beside me, allowing me to walk the wrong path, knowing where it leads. Through the briers, mud pits, stumps, and thick foliage, with no end in sight. I push my way through driven by my ego, blinded by pride, feeding on self indulgence. Invisible to everyone else, He walks beside me, reaching out to catch me when I stumble. yes, often times, allowing me to fall flat on my face. What do our attitudes say about us? We see these as hindrances and obstacles when we cant forge through or get around. Frustration leads to anger and that leads to doubts and fears, to hopelessness.

Is the Lord teaching you to be compassionate to those in need? And instead of faith are you displaying selfishness and a lack of love?

There are lessons He needs us to learn. When we become self indulged, He shows us our flaws, phobias and fears. Some lessons are hard learned. Pride becomes a selfish act, disguised in various ways, concealing our true intentions. The acronym for P.R.I.D.E.: Pretty Ridiculous Individual Directing Everything! When we attempt to direct our lives, pride sets in. Our emotions can’t think for themselves. Our ego’s (Everybody’s Got One) thrive for control, justified by our emotions. The acronym for E.G.O… Edging God Out.

We become complacent, secure in our little cocoons. It’s easy to make an idol of routine, finding security within our boundaries we build around our lives. When called to spread our wings, we are fearful of where the Lord will send us.

Have you ever watched a butterfly exit his cocoon? It takes a very long time. So it is with us. Life is a journey. Not instant gratification. Christ has called us to be His hands and feet. To be fishermen of men, disciples of Christ.

Where He calls us, most choose not to follow…? Is it because we don’t trust Him? Is  it way out of our comfort zone? It is because these places are full of sinners, criminals, and pagans. We are surrounded by them daily everywhere we go. Do we choose to ignore them?

Where is the Lord calling you? For the STACIE Foundation, it’s prisons. Yes, iron bars, armed guards, criminals that society has vanquished. Labeled people with bleak futures, if any future at all. And for some pending doom. We can all agree, there are multiply reasons people belong there. But can some be reformed?  We believe so. Why? Maybe prison saved their life. Perhaps that’s where the Lord finally gained their attention. Perhaps they discovered who they really are behind those prison walls and they’ve chosen to leave a different person than who they were when they arrived.  Yet, aren’t we all prisoners of something? Controlled by fear, hatred, hopelessness, doubt, anger or idolatry? These are strongholds. We have the power to break free. The power of prayer; an open line of communication between Christ and us. Are you willing to break free from the strongholds that have you in bondage? It’s a constant battle to stand for Christ, and walk with him daily.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Where will you go for Christ? Will you join us as fishermen for the kingdom of heaven? “I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Matthew 25:36

If you are interested in joining us for a spiritual journey of healing, compassion, and hope, give us a call. We’d love to share Christs amazing love and hope for his people.