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Woman2Woman ~ The Naomi and Ruth Experience Bible Study
by Deborah G. Ross and contributing writers
 The Naomi and Ruth Experience is an in-depth Bible study based on the example of relationships found in the book of Ruth. 28 Lessons that grow your faith, can be used as a mentorship study between two women. This one-on-one Bible Study is aimed at transforming the hearts and lives of women who are new to the faith by providing short lessons that can be shared through a mentoring relationship with a more mature Christian woman.In addition, this in-depth study guide serves as a tool to minister to all of those who are seeking help and healing from: confusion about religion; a broken heart; shattered relationships; addictions; generational curses; prison/jail time; a life of dysfunction; abandonment; mental, physical or sexual abuse; and beyond.

Lorraine Whoberry is a contributing writer toward the development of this material. Her contributions include:

Lesson 9 ~ Spiritual Warfare, Lesson 13~ Counting the Cost, Lesson 22 ~ Hearing from God.

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