Our fundraising efforts were a success and we exceed last year’s fundraising efforts. A Great Big Thank you to all our volunteers, participants and sponsors of our Annual Isaac Miller Memorial Walk – Run –Ride Fundraising Event held August 13, 2016 at Roger Nisbet Park, Loveland OH.

Our 26 volunteers did a great job helping to organize, set up, and tear down, offer crafts, man registration, raffle and silent auction tables as well as our station volunteers on the trail handing out bananas, and ice cold water as well as engaging folks in conversation about the foundation and the event. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to our team members for all your heard work and great feedback, as well as donations. Way to Go!

Our 30 participants, ages 2 – 70+ walked, ran and rode a total of 377.82 miles, ten of whom rode the full 26.2 miles, two rode 14 miles, two rode 12 miles, and one rode 9.32 miles. Two walked/ran 6 miles, family of four rode 4 miles each, a father and daughter rode 3.5 miles each, five participants walked 3.1 miles each and two teens walked 2 miles each. Really impressive everyone! Thank you!

Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors for their In-Kind Donations:  Kroger, Meijer, Freddy’s Restaurant, Julian’s Deli, Paxton’s Grill, Mike’s Car Wash, Roncker’s Running Spot, Cincinnati Bengals, UC Bearcats Basketball, Xavier, Reds, American Sign Museum, and FC Cincinnati. We greatly appreciate all your donations. Our Silent Auction and raffles were a success.

And a special Thank You to Loveland Bike Rental for opening early to accommodate our participants.

*Save the date for 2017, Saturday, August 19. See you there.


S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation