The Sharing H.O.P.E Center (SHC) opened in December 2016. SHC connects the needs of individuals and families with help and solutions. We are the link that fills the gap and builds bridges of hope for those who need it most. To address and support felt needs of our communities, Sharing H.O.P.E Center includes:

H – Health & Healing (individual and small groups)

O – Opportunities for Employment (one-on-one mentoring, resume help, job connections)

P – Personal Development (small groups, community resources, counseling)

E – Education & Equipping (life skills classes, small group connections, discipleship training)

Our goal is to invite those who are suffering from victimization by offering one – one assistance to victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sex Trafficking, Bullying, Date Rape, and Homicide, and develop one on one relationships and create a safe environment where children, individuals, and families are offered  safe place to find hope and healing. Our partners include: Neighborhoods Embracing Transformation (NET), Colerain Police Department, and Citizens Police Academy, together with local churches, and organizations working together to see lives transformed.

The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center is also moving forward as more key roles are in place. Please pray that God will continue to lead us and that we not run ahead of Him!!

If your organization or agency is interested in partnering with The Sharing H.O.P.E Center, please contact us for more details. We look forward to working with you.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at