Lorraine Whoberry was invited to the Duke Energy 2016 the 21st Annual Community Service Workshop and Luncheon Promoting the Power of Community. What a great honor it was for Lorraine to share her story of a mother’s heart-wrenching tragedy to the forgiveness of the offender of the heinous crime against her family.

Thank you to Cindy G. Duke Energy Program Manager for inviting Lorraine Whoberry as the keynote speaker for their 21st Annual Community Service Workshop and Luncheon Promoting the Power of Community. Lorraine presented her story of forgiveness to 225 attendee’s which was a great crowd, very welcoming, enthusiastic and gracious.



Thank you again for sharing your story with us on Friday.  You touched so many hearts as you described the heartbreak you experienced and how you have been changed as a result.  You are truly an inspiration. Attached you will find the results of the evaluations returned by the attendees, along with some of the comments provided.


May God continue to bless you and the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation. Please let me know how I might help.


Best regards,

 Cindy G .



148 evaluations returned

Ratings 5 = Excellent 4 3 2 1 = Poor No Rating
Keynote Speaker (Lorraine Whoberry)
Speakers ability to hold your interest 128 6 14



The Workshop and the morning & luncheon keynote speakers were excellent.  There was a real connection between the speakers and the audience”.

“The life experience the speakers had really help them be believable because their experiences make them relatable, down to earth”.    

“Phenomenal luncheon speaker!”

“The keynote speaker was wonderful. She has an ability to tell her story with such clarity while highlighting the problems with institutions and their response to citizens in crisis.”

“Keynote speaker was wonderful, very emotional for me to hear her story.”

“This is such a brave lady!  Words can’t describe how much of an impact she had on us.  Incorporating humor into such an intense situation was just unbelievable!”

“I was deeply moved by Lorraine Whoberry’s personal story.”

Also we want to give a Shout Out to Melodic Connections performance, who received a standing ovation. Please visit www.melodicconnections.org for more information about this organization. They were amazing and rocked the house. If you live in Cincinnati and follow the news, you may have heard the flash flooding we received this week and that their studio was flooded and ruined numerous instruments. If you have old instruments lying around, please consider donating it to Melodic Connections. What a great organization!

And a Shout Out to Happen Inc. Northside, founder Tommy Rueff, who gave a great workshop on “Community Is Not Just Where You Live, It’s How You Live With Other People” – Founder What a great presentation!

Mr. Rueff shared the mission of Happen, Inc. and how the community can provide highly creative educational programing for children and understanding the pathways that Happen, Inc. has taken to create 17 years of educational family programs. Please visit www.happeninc.org or follow on facebook.com/happeninc. Makes me wish I was a kid again! They also accept used toy donations. Please consider helping them out!

The Duke Energy featured community partner this year was The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. Thank you to everyone who graciously donated to this worthy organization.

On behalf of the S.T.A.C.I.E. Foundation, Thank you again for the gracious invitation to share about our organization, the very warm welcome, and for the beautiful award and flowers. This will be a memory I will always treasure.


Lorraine Whoberry